Joel Alexander

For years, Joel worked in the construction and building materials industries before enrolling in the Architectural Technician Program at Algonquin College in 2017.

The following year, he started working for a small architectural design firm before obtaining a BCIN designation for Small Buildings and graduating, with honours, in 2019.

In June of 2020, Joel joined DDDG Engineering Services as a draftsperson and designer.


Commercial Space Division

When a retail space was converted from one unit into two, Joel provided the plans for the new split services ensuring the new units each had adequate electrical, mechanical, and plumbing supply branched off of the existing supply.

Mechanical Layouts

Joel has drafted the mechanical plans for multiple projects, including existing retail space, individual dwelling units, as well as whole building heating, cooling and ventilation.  These drawings included planning for exhaust air and fresh air requirements as well as conditioning the space, sizing ductwork, and sizing HVA/C equipment and gas lines.

Electrical Layouts

The electrical drawings Joel has completed include whole building and individual dwelling unit requirements as well as single line layouts and fire alarm layouts.  Joel has completed Demand Study calculations to determine the size of electrical service to be provided by the utility and panel sizes within individual spaces.

Lighting Design

Joel has created the lighting design for the interior and exterior of buildings incorporating Dark Sky friendly lighting which minimizes the light pollution impact of exterior lighting fixtures on adjacent properties.

Code Review

Joel has reviewed projects to ensure they comply with the applicable code requirements.  These include the Ontario Building Code, the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, the Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, as well as various codes and standards provided by the NFPA and the CSA.

Plumbing Layouts

Joel has drafted the plumbing plans for multiple projects including supply piping, sanitary drainage, and storm sewer.  Joel completed the plumbing calculations based on fixture units to ensure properly sized supply and drain pipes were provided to new construction projects.


Joel uses his experience with AutoCAD to provide drafting services on various projects.  He provided the drafting services for a workshop project which included coordinating the floorplan, elevations, electrical plan, and structural specifications of the project as well as ensuring the project was ready for permit application.