Mr. Brudo graduated from the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Program with Honours from Lowell University in 1969. For the last 19 years, he has operated as an independent consultant, working with several engineering firms where his duties have included detailed designs and calculations, project management, reviewing tender documents, equipment purchasing, site inspections, and reports.


Ovide has extensive experience with power distribution, power panels, electrical room layouts, emergency generators, fire pumps, emergency lighting, fire alarm systems, and cable and feeder sizing.

In 2020 Ovide began with DDDG Engineering Services as an Electrical Engineer.


  • Design of a 13.8 KV underground power distribution system for Nuclear Laboratories.
  • 600 VAC / VFD / Emergency Gensets for Municipal Water Plants.
  • MV / LV Power Distribution for NFLD.
  • 13.8 KV / 4.16 KV / 480 V power distribution for Pulp Processing Plants.
  • Cogeneration Design Projects: 1 to 8 MW Generation.
  • Power Distribution design for Steel Process Plant.
  • An 8MW – HV Solar Substation for a City Water Treatment Plant.
  • LED Roadway Lighting for Nuclear Power Facility.
  • Design of a power distribution loop and substation for a University.
  • 2,500 kW UPS for the Government of Canada.
  • 27 KV substation for an Airport.
  • Electrical design for a Conference Centre.
  • 600V and substation for manufacturing plant.
  • High School, College Residence, padmount Transformer for Military College.
  • 13.2 kV substation upgrade at Hospital,  ICU Wing of the Hospital.
  • Design of the power distribution for Plant Expansion.
  • 8.32 kV / 600 V coordination studies for High Tech Manufacturer.
  • Design of the electrical services for Foods company.
  • 2000 Tom / 13.2 kV Chiller for Government Facility.
  • Electrical Service and distribution for Subway Station.

Engineering Duties:

  • Detailed design & calculations; Energy Efficiency.
  • Project management, client meetings, design briefs, site work review.
  • Eng reports; Supervision of autocad & design staff
  • Review construction docs; prepare specs & data sheets; vendor dwg review.
  • Seal drawings; project data / criteria / memoranda of understanding / engineering briefs.
  • Working knowledge of CSA, ESA, IEEE, ANSI, and NEC.
  • Coordination with I & C, Process Engineer, Mech Engineer, Scada Engineer.
  • 4 KV and 600 V emergency gensets; ATS and STS, Battery Banks.
  • Short circuit; coordination (analytical methods); load flow. (some Easypower).
  • Harmonic control (passive and active filters); THDV, THDI, TIF to IEEE 519.
  • Power factor correction capacitors and synchronous condensers.
  • IEEE – 80 ground grids, GPR, Step & Touch Potentials, earth rho, ZOI
  •  Lightning protection.
  • Voltage drop, Motor starting; Cable sizing, Skin & Proximity Effects.